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Empowering Entrepreneurs

Venture Capital for the Greater Good

Our obsession at Good Alpha Industries is to help entrepreneurs grow their own ideas and visions into successful companies. The team's prior experience starting, operating, and funding has enabled great ideas to turn into profitable businesses that make an impact in their varied CPG, Consumer Tech, and Marketplace sectors.


We invest in our companies for the right amount of time and understand that success takes superhuman work, commitment, and un-ending relentlessness. Through our unique eco-system approach, Good Alpha provides our partners with high impact, turnkey guidance from the very first stages and offers them all the resources and deep counsel they need to turn their visions into transformative reality.

Parallel Lines
Meet The Team

Our leadership is compromised of the rare trifecta of trailblazing founders, operators, and investors whom all value positive change with meaningful outcomes. Together and in partnership with our founders, we not only work to predict the future, but to create it.

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Greg Fleishman

Co-Founder & General Partner

Greg has spent 20+ years founding, building and investing in natural consumer brands including multiple nine-figure exits

samcaspersen copy.jpg

Sam Caspersen

Co-Founder & General Partner

Sam has spent 20+ years as a lawyer, dealmaker and private invest and is the founder of SWMC management. 


Zubin Mehta

Co-Founder & General Partner

Zubin has spent 20+ years as an Investment Banker, Private Equity/Venture Capital Investor, and Founder /Operator in CPG & Consumer Technology startups


Minot Amory

Co-Founder & General Partner

Minot has spent the past 10+ years raising capital for private and public transactions across a multitude of industries.

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