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Our venture capital exists to support North America's next generation of transformative consumer brands, experiences, and supportive technologies through durable seed to growth funding and constructive operating value that enables meaningful outcomes. Check out our portfolio of incredible brands below.

nudge_imahe copy.jpg

Coffee bombs, bars, and butter. Low-cal, delicious snacks that deliver natural caffeine.

pipe copy.jpg

Pipe allows SaaS companies to grow without dilution by financing their SaaS receivables.

richards copy.jpg

100% sustainable, naturally-captured, ultra-filtered, pure bottled rainwater.

fohm copy.jpg

Turn Your Toilet Paper Into a Wet Wipe & Stay Cleaner with a Touchless Dispenser.

mlp copy.jpg

Premier provider of Pickleball Content, 24 teams battle for the biggest US prize pool.

mdpc copy.jpg

Los Angeles Professional Pickleball team and member of Major League Pickleball.

dupr copy.jpg

Pickleball’s Most Accurate Global Rating System.

feastables copy25.jpg

Delicious snacks with ingredients you can trust created by Mr. Beast.

BloxSnacks copy.png

Nutritious and delicious snacks and beverages for kids.

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