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Mike Fata & Greg Fleishman Launch Fata & Fleishman Free CPG Mentorship Platform

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Fata & Fleishman Mentorship is a free entrepreneurial community support system created by Natural CPG founders Mike Fata and Greg Fleishman who themselves have spent over 20 years starting, ramping, and successfully exiting businesses.

"Greg and I are come from a place of service and giving back in a way that will help make the entrepreneurial journey easier, fulfilling, and impactful," said Mike Fata, founder, CEO, and chairman of Manitoba Harvest that exited to Tilray in 2020 for $419 million dollars.

"As founders and investors, we know firsthand what it's like to start a business from scratch, scale, and ultimately get to amazing outcomes," said Greg Fleishman, a CPG investor, founder, CEO, and board director at natural products companies that include Foodstirs, Once Upon a Farm, Lily's Sweets, Nuun, and Suja (all of which recently exited to Hershey's, Nestle, and Paine Schwartz Partners respectively).

One of the resources offered is a Startup Toolbox loaded with the critical information they use operating, investing, and serving on multiple boards.

This is not a Sales Funnel of any kind. It's all free and our best way of giving back.

Fata & Fleishman Mentorship Goal: is to make it the #1 free resource for CPG founding teams as they journey through the startup phases of their businesses. ​ And, you heard that part right, it’s free, like no charge, no upsell, consider it pro-bono mentorship in a toolbox

What's Inside the Startup Toolbox:

  • Projection models

  • Investor lists

  • Pitch presentation examples

  • Co-packer directory

  • Board/advisor documentation

  • Recommended reading

  • Plus so much more

"We believe in a Giving Community that works together towards providing a hand up to founders through non-strings-attached knowledge & resource sharing." -MIKE & GREG

I start, nurture, & fund Better-for-You CPG Brands that help make the world healthier as Co-Founder/CEO @foodstirs with Sarah Michelle Gellar | Founder @purelyrighteous, a top venture studio | Co-Founder @uptogoodenergy | Co-Founder @eatunion | Board Director for Lily's Sweets (exited to Hershey’s June 2021), Once Upon a Farm with Jennifer Garner, 4th & Heart Ghee, Nuun Hydration (exited to Nestle June 2021), & Demeter Biodynamic Farming USA | Venture Partner, Springdale Ventures | Operating Partner, Cambridge SPG VC | Operating Partner, Whipstitch Capital Investment Bank + Angel/LP Investor | Ex-Kashi, Kellogg, Coca-Cola | Forbes Top Consumer Catalyst | Visit Fata & Fleishman CPG Mentorship, a free support platform for early-stage entrepreneurs & investors.

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About Mike Fata

Mike Fata co-founded Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods in 1998. From 1998 to 2016, he ran all aspects of the company as Chairman of the Board and CEO. In February 2019 Mike helped guide the strategic sale of Manitoba Harvest to Tilray for $419 million dollars.

Mike is currently Chief Executive Officer of Fata & Associates, Chairman of Fata Family Ventures, Chairman of the Board of Sol Cuisine (VEG.TSXV), and investor/advisor to a portfolio of companies (including Om Mushrooms, Mid Day Squares, Love Good Fats, Good Cap Pharma)

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